Can Lil Wayne Still Hang With The Rappers Of This Tik Tok Era?

If you’re old enough to remember Lil Wayne during his “Hot Boyz” days, then you probably looked at the title of this article and thought to yourself “ of course he can keep up, he’s lil Wayne!”. Honestly I agree, but this question can be divided up into 2 categories: Sales (streams) and Lyricism (music)


As far as sales goes these days, we obviously are not talking about physical album sales, even though they still count, we are mainly addressing streaming numbers. According to Forbes, after releasing Tha Carter V (2020), Lil Wayne now owns the distinction of being the album with the second-most one-week stream count in history. The album was streamed 433 million times! I would say that counts for something. I know much of the streaming of the album had to do with the overall anticipation of the project but, the numbers are undeniable. He also dropped No Ceilings 2 the mixtape in 2020 as well, but it did not receive the same recognition as his album, for obvious reasons. That same year (2020), Juice World’s project “ Legends Never Die “ was released after his unfortunate death and it only peaked to 497,000 streams/sales for the week of it’s release. Even though it would be interesting to see what type of numbers a Carter 6 album would draw in, it’s safe to say Lil Wayne can still peak on billboard charts and streaming platforms easily.

Lyricism & Music:

To really deep dive into this portion of the question, I decided to go listen to some of Wayne’s most recent verses, so within the last year or so. While listening to a feature he did for Tyler The Creator titled “Hot Wind Blows” and then a more upbeat type track that were used to hearing from Lil Wayne with Papoose’s “Thought I Was Gonna Stop”.

Hot Wind Blows: Lil Wayne does his flow so effortlessly. It seems that the slower/calmer the beat, the harder Wayne goes with his flow and delivery.

Fave Line/Bars: “Excuse me, pardon me, the wind, it blow so hard to me
Like mother nature arguing about some baby father beef’
I’m stuck in the middle of the sandwich like slaughter meat
Got my middle fingers to the cameras, that’s recording me”

Thought I Was Gonna Stop: This type of feature is one of my favorite types, just a beat and BARS. I feel Wayne gets in his mixtape bag when these opportunities present themselves. Wayne absolutely murders this track and definitely out raps Papoose easily. But, that’s no shade to Papoose because Wayne out raps mostly every artist he shares a track with.

Fav Lines/Bars: “While y’all been on TikTok, I been on B.I.G., Pac
Big Glock, it’s Alfred Hitchcock, get your kid rocked
Silk shock a nigga like P brother, tree lover
Fell in love with a bitch, my bitch just told me she love her.”

Overall, I would say that Lil Wayne is obviously just as talented, let me correct that, still even more talented than most rappers out as of right now. You can even argue that he’s actually getting better as he ages. While referring to those last two verses from Wayne, he obviously is no where near to slowing down, lyrically or numbers wise. So it’s safe to say, PUT SOME RESPEK ON HIS NAME!

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Originally published at on January 5, 2022.




Just a man with time on his hands. So I spend it writing. Mainly about hip hop and pop culture, but sometimes about life itself. Follow me on twitter @ZeeGawd

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Zach “Zee Gawd” King

Zach “Zee Gawd” King

Just a man with time on his hands. So I spend it writing. Mainly about hip hop and pop culture, but sometimes about life itself. Follow me on twitter @ZeeGawd

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