Rise & Grind: My New Love For The Gym At 6AM

My love for the gym has grown enormously throughout this year. Before now, I would go to the gym maybe once or twice a week just to do some light cardio exercises or something simple and quick. I would only go just for the bragging rights and to post about it on social media. Terrible, I know. Nowadays, my entire body literally feels “off” if I don’t make it to the gym at least every other day. My body yearns to workout regularly now, it gets me excited, which is amazing.

My obsession started with a goal I set at the beginning of 2021, promising myself I would run more and try to complete one mile a day. Maybe one day even run in marathons regularly. I always wanted to be a runner, and not saying I’m an Olympic long distance runner now, but I have definitely come a long way. Before then, I never focused on running or endurance at all, I was more so just concerned about my upper body strength and looking good in the mirror. I mean to be honest that’s why most people workout right?, to look good at the pool or during sex ? Well, my reason was a little deeper than that.

I wanted to look good but I also wanted a deep sense of discipline in my life. I watched a video by a guy named David Goggins; and this motherfucker did a 360 on my mindset. He talked about his life and how he overcame SO MANY obstacles in his life and how most people are just soft and scared of hard work. Here’s a video of what I seen from this crazy ass man:

I committed myself to wake up at 6AM on every weekend, Saturday and Sunday, just to start off. Running one mile and doing light weightlifting or resistance training each time. That’s until it got to the point that just running and exercising only on the weekends got way too easy and I felt like I wasn’t pushing myself enough. That’s when I officially adopted the “Rise & Grind” mantra. If I remember correctly, it took about a 1 month of weekend workouts for me before I needed to do more, and that’s what I did. I went from twice on the weekend to running 2 days during the work week( Mon-Fri) and also continuing to do my weekend workouts as well. Still waking up at 6AM as well. That routine alone changed my life for the better. I’m more focused and in a better mood throughout the day and my body overall feels and looks fucking amazing. I mean, I’m not Michael B. Jordan yet, but give me some time is all I’m saying.

Eventually that workout routine went permanent and I obtained what regular runners call a “runners high”. A runners high is a short-lasting, deeply euphoric state following intense exercise. As you hit your stride, your body releases hormones called endorphins. Popular culture identifies these as the chemicals behind a “runner’s high. That’s the google definition of it at least, and man does it feel amazing. Weed can’t get you high like this. It’s a whole notha’ feeling.

My journey’s not done and its far from perfect. Sometimes I still find myself trying to cheat my workout days, lying to myself about why I couldn't work out or how my body was too sore to make it to the gym. I sometimes let that crap get to me, but most times I think to myself “ David Goggins would think I’m a straight up pussy if I bitch out on the gym today. Get your ass up. Rise and grind.” That usually gets me up and going. That’s usually all it takes.

I look to continue to blog about my journey and maybe even do a blog about sometime in the future. Stay Tuned.

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Just a man with time on his hands. So I spend it writing. Mainly about hip hop and pop culture, but sometimes about life itself. Follow me on twitter @ZeeGawd

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Zach “Zee Gawd” King

Zach “Zee Gawd” King

Just a man with time on his hands. So I spend it writing. Mainly about hip hop and pop culture, but sometimes about life itself. Follow me on twitter @ZeeGawd

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